About Jagged Sky Benefits

Jagged Sky Benefits builds benefits packages for employers with 2 to 20,000 employees. We currently serve clients in 32 states, our team is licensed to provide benefits in all 50 states.

Specializing in ancillary benefits (think Disability, Life, Accident, Critical Illness, Dental, Vision), we bring the power of a trained enrollment staff and benefits administration platforms that educate employees in a paperless and compliant package.

Our Team

Frank Bailey,

President, Jagged Sky Benefits

Phone: 907.276.4357.

Email :frank@jaggedsky.co

Angie Ramirez,

Colonial Life Agency Development Manager,

Phone: 907.952.1060

Email: angie.ramirez@coloniallifesales.com

Josh Kingery,

 Colonial Life Agency Development Manager,

Phone:  406.270.4430

Email: josh.kingery@coloniallifesales.com

Christian Rawalt,

 Account Manager,

Phone: 907.727.8097

Email: admin@jaggedsky.CO

Samantha Roehl,

 Service Advisor,

Phone: 907.671.7560

Email: service@jaggedsky.com